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ClearSkies Geomatics offers state-of-the-art products which combine traditional physics with modern electronics. SOMAG AG Jena is a world-renowned company which develops and manufactures Gyro Stabilization Devices to carry airborne sensors.  ClearSkies Geomatics is proud to announce sales of these devices in North America.

Aerial camera mounts have a background in physics.  The most basic form of manual stabilization is to place the areal camera in a gimbal.

A gimbal is a ring [or rings] pivoted at right angles which keep the sensor [camera, LIDAR, etc] oriented with gravity in a moving aircraft.  A gyroscope uses a spinning flywheel suspended in a gimbal to stabilize an axis and keep it level.  A spinning gyro will resist movement from vibration or the plane moving quickly due to air turbulence.

The energy created by a gyroscope [called angular momentum] passes through whatever it has physical contact with.  Some children might have the experience of holding a string-powered gyroscope with their hand and trying to move their hand or arm.  In this situation that child would experience the resistance against sudden movement.

By mounting electrically powered gyroscopes to a gimbal holding an aerial camera the camera itself will resist sudden violent movement. By adding motion sensors, it is possible to further enhance stabilization and record the changes digitally.

Available now, Gyro Stabilization Mounts with advanced Electro-Mechanical Gimbal Systems for single medium format cameras or sensor systems utilize the latest available technology from SOMAG AG Jena.  These mounts provide image motion reduction, high stiffness, decoupling of high frequency oscillations and more. 

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