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ClearSkies Geomatics Inc. specializes in the sale of remote sensing products as well as providing consulting services related to the field.  Geomatics is the branch of science that deals with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data relating to the Earth’s surface.  The collection, or scanning, of the earth by satellite or high-flying aircraft to obtain this information is referred to as Remote Sensing.  Once the data has been acquired it must be processed through the use of complex algorithms in to information we humans can interpret.  This process is called Photogrammetry—the science of making measurements from aerial photographs.

ClearSkies Geomatics provides complete turnkey solutions as well as components to supplement any existing system you may have.

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​Founded in 2011 by Patrick McConnell, ClearSkies Geomatics Inc. is at the heart of the products and services that deal with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data relating to Earth’s surface.

ClearSkies is driven to provide the innovations that streamline the acquisition and processing of information. This is now an industry where every innovation spreads at the speed of light and can be utilized by billions. Focus on the details such as efficiency of capture and time to delivery must not go unnoticed.

While McConnell is aware from experience—having owned and operated technology driven companies—of these details he is quick to bring forth the latest innovation as new devices and software are developed. Customers expect a high return on investment. Customers expect competitive up-to-date information. Clear Skies Geomatics Incorporated provides this with uncompromising integrity and credibility. 

A unique factor that Patrick offers is that he has been certified by the DDTC to apply and acquire the proper licenses for item restricted under ITAR.

civil engineering, Patrick McConnell broker of used aerial survey equipment

Purchasing used aerial survey equipment can be a scary thing to do.  The biggest benefit of considering used equipment is that often, the equipment sells for a fraction of the new equipment available to the market.  What is scary about the process?  Well, if it were my money, my concerns would be whether or not the system comes complete  READ MORE

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Patrick Mcconnell broker of Used Aerial Survey Equipment

ClearSkies Geomatics

Clear Skies Geomatics Incorporated provides global sales and consulting expertise from a deep understanding of the geospatial data industry. This empowers us to offer you, our customer, the most innovative remote sensing technology. Our customers receive superior products that provide a high return on investment based on a studied track record. Our unique understanding of the intricacies of aerial image acquisition ensure that clients experience seamless integration between data acquisition and image processing using the most relevant hardware and software for real world applications.