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DSM 400

Dynamic Stabilization Mount DSM 400

No external control panel - Cost efficient and medium modular stabilization devices gain more importance. For this case we proudly present our latest Gyro Stabilization Mount. Our DSM 400 which is the successor of the SSM 270 and contains a lot of new features.

The DSM 400 is our Dynamic Gyro Stabilization Mount which is especially designed as a cost efficient Mount system with simplified controlling options. 

On the top of the Mount you will find the new simplified and redesigned control panel. The panel includes one FMS port, one power switch and an USB-port. Here you can connect with our SOMAG Mount Control App, which includes lots of control and set up benefits.

The electromechanical gimbal system and the digital control system enable an optimal use of the Gyro Mount DSM 400. The mass of the device amounts to 14.0 kg and allows a maximum payload of 35.0 kg. Consequently our DSM 400 supports medium format cameras and sensor systems. For this reason the special Mount system is particularly suitable with aircrafts. Nearly all sensors, cameras, scanners, LiDAR's and FMS can be used with the DSM 400. 

DSM 400 has the same electronical interface as all other SOMAG stabilization devices.

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