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The Gyro Stabilization Mount 4000 is 100% downward compatible to current GSM 3000 installations. It means that the mechanical and electronic interfaces are identical. All sensors, cameras, scanners, LiDAR's and FMS can still be used with the GSM 4000. SOMAGs new 3 axes Gyro Stabilized Platform with 410 mm useable diameter is our best solution where effectivity, weight and performance are combined. Especially the payload is increased to 120 kg. Moreover, SOMAG reduced the weight of the Mount to 29 kg.

On the top of the Mount is the new and simplified control panel, which includes USB-port, 1 rotary knob, 2 push buttons and LED's. The USB-ort of the GSM 4000 allows you to connect with your SOMAG tablet & app. It is possible to monitor and set up different parameters of the Gyro Mount 4000. You can also update the firmware via SOMAG App. For less pollution the hydraulic system is totally covered by the shell and no more transportation valves are needed.

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GSM 4000