Your navigator in Remote Sensing

  • DMC3

    • Complete system including the transfer of all the ground processing software and 12 SSDs!
  • UltraCam XP-WA

    • Complete system including camera/download station, CCNS4, POSav510/LN200,Z/I mount. Test data available for serious buyers.
  • UltraCam XP

    • Complete system, SAGEM IMU, Applanix FMS, 3 Data units, Add a GSM300 mount for $35,000, Calibrated Feb/17
  • Leica ADS80 SH82

    • Manufactured 2010, complete system, GPS/IMU incl.​

Used equipment:Large format cameras

  • DMC1 SSD

    • SSD version, T-AS mount, POSav510 (LN200),  This unit has RADIOMETRIC ABSOLUTE ACCURACY service and report included.  POSPAC not included, ground processing software can be transferred for a fee.

  • Leica ADS40 SH51

    • camera, PAV30 mount, capture computer, download station, GPS/IMU, mount, in flight software.  NO IMU​