Your navigator in Remote Sensing

  • Vexcel UltraCam Lp

    • camera and download station (MAKE AN OFFER)
  • Phase One iXU180 SK55

    • camera body, transportation case, SK 55mm lens, SK110mm lens, FMC

  • DSS Parts

    • camera, Azimuth mount, CSS, cables, lenses, transportation boxes

  • RCD 30 System

    • several configurations available (60-80mpix) (stand alone or tied to ASL LiDAR)

  • Trimble TAC60

    • 60 Mpix.  Includes 47 and 72mm lens.  Camera calibration.  Last maintenance Dec. 2015.  Works Great!

  • PhaseOne IXA-180 SK55

    • Camera body and Schneider 55mm lens

Used equipment: Medium format cameras