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John Curlander:

Patrick was the President and CEO of Atlantis Scientific when Vexcel acquied his company. Following acquisition Patrick did an excellent job turning this company into a profitable growing enterprise that significantly added to the value of Vexcel Corporation when acquired by Microsoft. Since that time he has focused on business development and sales of the Vexcel UltraCAM which has grown into the number 1 aerial camera in the world.Patrick is hard working with excellent people skills and a proven sucessful manager.

Matthew Coleman (VP of Business Development at PrecisionHawk)

I have personally worked with cameras that Pat has sold me while working at various companies since 2007. Pat calling himself a saleman is an understatement for what he does. Not only does he make sure your delivery goes well...Pat is there for support on all camera issues and accounting aspects. When it comes to geospatial sales in our industry, Pat is a one stop shop. If he sells you a system, he will be there 24/7 for any type of support required. I highly recommend Pat and know any system he sells, he will support 100%.

Jolyon Thurgood (VP Corporate Development And Marketing)

I've known Pat since 2003, both as a colleague at Vexcel then as a client and business partner. I've come to appreciate Pat for his energy and focus, as a strong ambassador for his company and the industry, and as a constant advocate for his customers. I have seen him build a solid reputation within his customer community, especially listening to their concerns in areas of support or product performance, and earning their respect and credibility by following through, as he did when I was a customer of his. I've enjoyed working with Pat and recommend him unreservedly for an executive role in building business.

Bart Bailey (President at B Cubed)

Pat is a passionate, goal driven professional. He will get the job done, but never forget that it takes good, motivated people to make the successful team. He can be counted on to take the initative required to accomplish his given mission.
Pat demonstrates first class understanding of his industry (particularily geospatial) and is a talented and capable executive manager.
I would hire Pat today if I had the available position for his abilities and skills.

Carl Smith (Vexcel Imaging)

I worked with Pat while he has been the Sales Manager at Microsoft.
We worked closely and coordinated Sales and support activities for the UltraCam and UltraMap products. Pats communication skills were responsible for a high level of coordination that improved the customer experience. Close communication between the sales and support team made it easy to set the expectation level of the customer. With the expectations accurately set we were able to meet customer requirement and maintain a happy customer base. Pats efforts and ability were essential to a satisfied customer base. The close working relationship facilitated by Pat contributed to increased market share and the expansion of our customer base. The time I have spent working with Pat has given me a greater respect for how team work can influence work conditions and the business environment.

John Copple (CEO at Sanborn Map)

I have worked with Pat for a number of years. He completely turned around the customer service and maintenance response for camera systems at Microsoft. He has also been a great person to deal with in sales and has built a relationship of trust with us.

Ken Potter (Executive VP at Keystone Aerial Surveys)

Pat has provided Keystone with high quality service and representation in our dealings with Vexcel / Microsoft. He knowledge of the product and our needs was only surpassed by his effort in supporting us in our transition to the digital world.

Rob Roy (HP Enterprise Security)

Pat is an executive with a rare combination of vision and an ability to execute. He doesn't take "no" for an answer, and always seeks a win-win situation in his dealings with colleagues, partners, and customers. With high integrity and impeccable business ethics, Pat displays superior judgement and decision-making in everything he does. I highly recommend him for a leadership position and would work with him in any capacity.

Allan Place (Vexcel)

Pat McConnell hired me at Vexcel, which was subsequently acquired by MDA. He is a customer oriented and insightful CEO. Broad-minded, creative and experienced, with great sense of humor and strong analytical capabilities. He is able to deal with and solve difficult business problems as a creative and well educated strategist. 
I greatly enjoyed working for Pat and highly recommend him. He would be an asset to any organization

Norwood Keel (Hi-Tech Business Builder)

Pat is an accomplished executive for whom I have great respect. In particular, he's good at perceiving his situational dynamics and responding by doing the things necessary to move his business forward. In short, Pat knows how to get things done.

Peter Kallai (President of Keystep Growth & Finance)

Over the years Pat was able to develop a solid company, managed the company through difficult times to new strategic highs, with customer focus, solutions selling and doubling sales with increasing profitability.

Dennis Nazarenko (President of Atlantis Scientific)

As President of Atlantis Scientific, Pat tackled the challenges of building a business in a highly technical field with enthusiasm and creativity. While Pat's core experience was in sales and business development, he demonstrated all the skills necessary of a company president. The skills and leadership I saw at that time have continued to serve him well as he has shepherded the core of Atlantis through several lives that included business mergers and acquisitions.

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