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Ruggedized Stabilization Mount - SOMAGs stabilization device for the marine and land area.

The special Mount System of the RSM 400 is particularly suitable for photogrammetry and other devices like scanners. The innovative round shape of this new Gyro Camera Stabilizer System is extra small and especially rugged.

We designed and manufactured a compact Gyro Stabilization Mount which is especially made for the use in a harsh environment.

For this use the RSM 400 is constructed weatherproof. High quality materials and a robust build guarantee an effective use of this Mounting System.

The manufactured basic plate allows an adaption of many cameras and scanners and can lift up to 15.0 kg. 

Optionally is now also a higher payload up to 35.0 kg available by the use of stronger engines.

As usual for our Mounting Systems the electromechanical gimbal system and the digital control system allow an optimal and effective use of the RSM 400. This special Camera Stabilizer has the same electronical interface as all other SOMAG Stabilization Devices.

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RSM 400

Field of View of the RSM 400