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Photogrammetric Scanning  

  • 4 calibrated photogrammetric scanners (Wehrli & Z/I)

  • Aerial film cleaning unit with integrated ionization bars

  • Professional aerial film vault: fire proof & environmentally controlled with available long or short-term storage

  • Dedicated scanning room, specifically for deteriorating acetate film with optimum ventilation, designed for a safe environment

  • Cellulose Acetate film handling and supplementary services:

    • Diagnostic reports assessing the extent of deterioration and vinegar syndrome 

    • Safe handling protocols, tools and expertise

    • Cleaning and washing equipment

    • Delicate film repair

Professional Services & Equipment

If you have any aerial film scanning needs, ClearSkies Geomatics has the solution for you. We offer a trustworthy partnership combining great expertise, multiple photogrammetric scanners and state of the art facilities.

We provide high quality digital orthophoto files with the required geometric and radiometric standards for all types of high resolution orthoimagery products. ClearSkies Geomatics has also developed a specific expertise for the scanning of historical aerial imagery and the appropriate management of cellulose acetate film.