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  • Precision: 4cm

  • Absolute accuracy: 5cm

  • Laser scanner frequency: 300 kHz

  • Weight: 1.6 kg battery included

  • Power consumption: 15W

  • Autonomy: 2 hours typ.

  • Size (mm): 100 x 150 x 140


  • Designed by surveyors for surveyors

  • Robust and reliable

  • Turnkey, quick and simple to operate

  • Fully autonomous, can be quickly mounted on any drone

  • Subscale-decimetric accuracy for highest density level data in demanding survey applications

New equipment: About YellowScan Surveyor

World’s lightest and  most accurate LiDAR solution for Civil Engineering & Mining professionals.

LiDAR UAV surveying solution with highest level of accuracy and density,capable of producing real-time georeferenced point cloud data.

Ideal for:

  • Corridor mapping

  • Environment

  • Archeology

  • Forestry